On a Roll

So I recently walked the Disney Half Marathon because I had a miscarriage the Monday before the race.  That was a really hard time for me and my husband.  Originally, this was supposed to be my first full marathon, but due to a stress fracture, I switched to the half while I still had the opportunity.  I wasn’t supposed to do it at all, but I had already paid and I really needed something to look forward to, so I just wanted to get out there and at least walk to the first aid station.  It was also my mom’s first half marathon and I really wanted to be there for it. 


Well, by the time I made it to mile 9, I still felt great!  I decided to keep going. I ended up finishing and getting my awesome Donald medal!  It was so nice to slow down and just take it all in.  There is so much to see at a Disney race.   


The day after the race, I noticed a nagging pain in my left hip.  I wrote it off, deciding that it was from sleeping on my side, which I don’t normally do.  I ignored it, but it just kept hurting.  After thinking about it for a bit, I decided that it may be my IT band.  I looked some stuff up and decided to give foam rolling a try.  I have never used a foam roller before and have heard that it can really hurt, but I can’t wait to give it a try and see if it helps.    

Any other suggestions for hip pain?
What are your experiences with foam rolling?

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