I’m scared!

I’m very scared…of Costco on Saturdays!  It was so scary that I didn’t even take pictures. I had my first weekend experience there this past Saturday (I usually go one night during the week), and I will never do it again!  People would knock you over to get the sample tables.  It was like something that they had trained for!  I mean it when I say NEVER AGAIN!

 Anyway, I had to go in to work for a little bit on Saturday morning to catch up before we had rounds with our doctor this week.  After work, I went to crazy Costco to load up on groceries.  It had been too long since I had been, and I had to buy a lot!  When I got home, it was so pretty outside.  I got Little G’s jogging stroller out, and she kept saying, “walk…go,” so I put her in it and we headed out.  That kid loves being outside.  We did a 3 mile run and I felt great.  The wind was definitely making it a bit harder, but I still ran my fastest 3 miles yet with the jogging stroller!  Trust me, it still wasn’t fast, but that’s ok.   It used to really bother me that I am so slow, but I finally got over it and decided that as long as I’m out there taking care of myself, it doesn’t matter.  G was asleep before we got back home.

Old picture, but you get the idea

I’m getting ready for a 5k in a few weeks. I’m wondering what the race will be like since most of my runs have been done with the jogging stroller.

Have you ever run with a jogging stroller? How much did it slow you down?


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