Friday Fun Day

A couple of days without a computer will leave you with so much to post! We had another Friday Fun-day at the park. Who knew spending my off days with little ones swinging and going down slides could be so much fun? G loved climbing through the tunnel to my mom and it made her hair look great!

Before we left for the park, I cleaned up the house and opened a package that I had ordered for G for Easter. I had leftover Disney Rewards and wanted to use them before they expired. G loves anything with puppies in/on it right now, so I ordered her some 101 Dalmatians pajamas and The Fox and the Hound DVD. When I opened the package, the inside of the box looked like this…
This is why I love Disney so much. Even their packages are magical!

Today at the park was even more exciting because my brother stopped by with his new girlfriend! It’s a pretty big deal when he brings a girl to meet the family. She was super sweet, so I definitely approve. 🙂 They haven’t been dating long, but they have known each other for years. I think Steven and I dated for about a year before I met his family. He met mine the night of our first date. I still lived with my parents when we started dating and I’m Italian, so meeting la famiglia right away is not that strange.
I think it made him nervous…I’m kidding, he loved them!

And then last night was great. G has been sleeping in her pack n play in our room because it’s been cold and her room has high ceilings and a huge window and just won’t warm up! Last night was much warmer, so she slept in her own room. We all sleep much better that way. I still watch her on the monitor like crazy when she’s in there, but she did great!

What about you? When did you meet your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s family? When did they meet yours?


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  1. Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian
    Mar 16, 2013 @ 15:07:24

    My boyfriend met my family for the first time at a wedding we went to for my cousin. I’m Italian too and have a very large extended family, so he got to meet them all in one shot!


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