A Whole Week!?

I can’t believe it’s been over a week since my last post.  It’s been a busy week at work and at home with being a mommy and baking cakes, so I ran out of time.  I have so much to talk about, but I’ll try not to ramble on…too much. 🙂  First of all, my husband, who is currently back in school, was out last week for spring break.  Since I wouldn’t let him go to the beach with all of the other college kids (I kid), he stayed home and got a ton done around the house!  I’ve said before that our house is very small, so the entire thing is Little G’s playroom.  When she has outgrown a toy, we have to take it to one of our parent’s houses to store it.  Not anymore!  My sweet husband added extra flooring in our attic and moved everything up there!  Along with that, he fixed some spots on the ceiling, cleaned the house and spent extra time with Little G.  Yeah, he’s pretty amazing. 🙂

 This week, I made some cupcakes for a sweet girl’s 16th birthday! 


And then I dropped this cake off on Saturday for a little girl’s 2nd birthday.


 Then Saturday night, I was about to give Little G a bath.  I had her sitting on my lap (no diaper on), while I turned her bath water off.  Next thing I knew, I felt somthing warm on my legs…she tinkled on me!  This wasn’t the first time, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  Not sure why she hasn’t done it to her daddy yet, but he thinks it’s super funny when it happens to me.


I know, the picture looks makes it look like I did it, but I promise, it was her!

 I have still been having trouble with my hip even though I’ve been foam rolling like crazy.  I’m starting to worry that it may be bursitis.  I’ve taken some time to rest completely and do some stretches and ice it.  I met with my running group yesterday morning and did 3 miles (I was scared to push it too much).  It has stormed the night before and it was so loud that Little G had trouble sleeping.  When I woke up it was still raining.  I only ended up getting 3-4 hours of sleep and had a full day ahead.  Since I had already told the group that I was coming to run, I pulled on my running clothes and headed out the door.  When we got there, we all talked about how we probably would have skipped the run had we not had people to meet.  This is why I love running with other people.  It’s hard to talk yourself out of it when others are waiting on you!  I had no hip pain while running, but it did come back after.  Not any worse, but it was still there.  I’m going to give it another few days, and if it’s not better, I will probably go to the doctor.

After my run, I went home and got ready for church.  After church, we went to Steven’s parent’s house for lunch.  I’m telling you, when his dad gets Little G, she falls asleep right away.   I’m pretty sure he has some kind of magical powers.  I’m thinking about hiring him to come over every night it storms to get her back to sleep! 🙂


I had big plans to wake up and get a workout DVD done before work today.  I decided that since it was the first night that I would able to sleep more than 5 hours, I need to get some sleep and exercise this afternoon instead.  I prefer exercising in the mornings, but I’ve been so sleep deprived, I really don’t want to compromise my health.  I think we sometimes forget how important sleep is in staying healthy.  Whenever have the opportunity to give my body the sleep it needs, I’m learning that I need to do that.  It’s hard when I have so much to do, but I am really feeling the effects of sleep deprivation right now and I need to fix that.

 Do you get enough sleep?

Do you ever run with a group? 


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