I’m Itching…

Itching to run another half marathon! It’s weird not training for anything right now, but I know that I needed some extra time to heal from my stress fracture, so I haven’t signed up for anything.  I’m really trying not to get hurt again, so I’m increasing my mileage slowly.  As soon as I feel ready, I’m signing up for one! Maybe one that looks has something to do with this…

So this week, I had 1 cake order. It was for a little girl’s princess birthday party. I hope that they loved it!

princess cake

My 5K was this past Saturday. I was hoping this would be a speedy one for me, but it wasn’t. I took it a bit easier since I had been having trouble with my hip.  It wasn’t my slowest 5K ever, so that’s good!  I think one of my problems (when I’m not injured) is that I’m so used to running farther than 3 miles, I just can’t wrap my head around pushing myself that hard so early in a race. I hold back and then I finish feeling like I didn’t put enough into the race.  That’s something I need to work on.

Easter Sunday was great! We got up and Little G looked through her Easter basket. She got lots of Disney stuff and a really neat Dora mermaid that jumps into the bathtub and swims.  She loves it!  And guess what…I forgot to take a picture of G in her Easter dress.  Ugh, I am so mad at myself!  Steven plays the bass in the band at church, so he has to be there early.  That leaves me and G all alone to ready to drive the 45 min to church, so the last thing that I am thinking about is taking pictures.  I guess she’ll just have to get all dressed up again this weekend and sit by her basket so that I can take one!

After a great church service, we headed to my sister’s house for lunch. We usually have it at my parent’s, but my sister wanted to give it a shot this year. We all brought a dish and everything was perfect.  It was a great weekend.  

Do you ever forget to take pictures?

Any suggestions to help me remember?


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