So What’s Different?

I’ve always heard that each pregnancy is so different.  I’ve been thinking about the differences between my pregnancy with Little G and this one. 

How I look:  So far, I’m showing a little sooner than I did last time, but I’ve heard that is very common.  I actually had somebody notice that I was pregnant yesterday, which is exciting!  With Little G, I felt like I just looked like I was gaining weight instead of looking pregnant.  I so wanted my baby belly to show, but it took forever the first time!  I gain weight easily in my hips and legs and that is where I notice the weight gain at first during pregnancy.  It is the same this time, but I think the weight gain may be a little slower than it was before.18 weeks

18 weeks pregnant.  Picture from the bathroom at  work 🙂

How I feel:  I haven’t been super sick to where I had to stay home from work, but I definitely don’t feel great.  With Little G, I was over the nausea sooner than I am this time.  I’m 18 weeks now, and still feel sick at least one day/week.  I am extremely tired right now and I feel like I will never be able to make it to work early again.  It’s much different being pregnant the second time.  You don’t get as much time to rest since you have another kiddo to take care of.  With my first pregnancy, it was much easier to rest for a little bit when I needed it. 

What I eat:  I still enjoy healthy foods, but my sweet tooth is out of control this time!  I have to be very careful not to have too many sweets around me because I would choose those over real food any day right now, and that’s not good for me or the baby.

Exercise:  With Little G, I did not have any exercise restrictions.  I was not comfortable running while pregnant, so I walked and did workout videos at home 5-7 days/week.  With this baby, I wanted to try to keep running.  Unfortunately, I had some intense cramping less than a mile into my run.  I talked to my doctor and because of those complaints and previous pregnancy complications, I have been restricted to walking only this time.  That’s ok though because I have a friend who is pregnant and she likes to walk, so we can do it together!  I do some pregnancy workout videos with very light weights and stop if I feel anything out of the ordinary.  While exercise hasn’t been show to cause miscarriage, my doctor and I feel that it’s best to play it safe and listen to my body and stop if anything is causing cramping.  I am still exercising 4-6 days/week.

Other Fun stuff:  I can feel the baby move already!  With Little G, my placenta was in the front, so I didn’t feel her move until much later.  Even then, I couldn’t feel her move very much.  It’s so reassuring when you can feel that sweet little baby moving around in there, so I’m excited about that.  

We have our anatomy scan in a couple of weeks.  We’re not going to find out baby’s gender this time, but I’m always nervous about this scan.  We’re praying for a healthy baby and that everything is developing normally.  I’ll fill you guys in on the scan soon!

Any other moms out there wait until delivery day to find out what they were having, or am I just crazy?