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Hey there, I’m Stephanie.  I’m a Disney-loving, cake-baking, Registered Dietitian who struggles with all of the same things that you guys do.  I try to eat right and exercise, but let’s face it…sometimes I just don’t get it done.  I was the only one in my family who grew up struggling with my weight.  As many people do, I became obsessed with it (which was part of why I became an RD) and made some unhealthy choices.  So, here I am now, trying to appreciate my body and be thankful for everything that God has given me.
Speaking of appreciating my body, my husband and I welcomed a healthy baby girl in December of 2011.  Pregnancy and child birth are such a miracle!  For our bodies to be able to do something so awesome is just crazy cool.  G has been an incredible blessing and I thank God for her every day.  My hubby is back in school for a theology degree, so that means that I’m working full time to help support the family while he’s working hard at school and at his part-time job.  Trust me, a dietitian’s salary does not make trips to Whole Foods easy, but I do what I can!
I try to run (if that’s what you can call what I do), but with an injury after every half marathon, I am currently using the Galloway run/walk/run method.  We’ll see how that works out for me.  My doctor wants me to see a running coach, but I really don’t have the funds for that right now.  I’m looking for some other options.  I am not and may never be fast, but I enjoy it and love taking Little G out in her jogging stroller with me.  I enjoy racing and one of my major goals is to run every Disney race out there!  My mom is become just as obsess with them as I am!  So, I’m hoping this blog will help hold me accountable for taking care of myself and help me remember take more pictures (I’m really bad about taking my camera places then forgetting to use it)!  Welcome to my normal life and thanks for reading!

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